5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting a New Job in 2023: Encora Edition


Encora | December 27, 2022

2023 is right around the corner bringing excellent opportunities for talented individuals to kickstart their careers or gain a fresh perspective on familiar hiring grounds. 

The Job Market Landscape  

The job search landscape looks good for workers looking for new opportunities in 2023. For one, many members of the baby boomer generation are turning 65 next year, causing a decrease in the numbers of the available talent pool. As Bloomberg reports, “workforce-age populations are expected to shrink dramatically in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and China." 

On the other end of the age spectrum, the current hiring climate may favor recent graduates over experienced personnel. Business Insider informs that as employers face the challenge of filling positions, their attention will shift to hiring younger candidates. This has not happened since the number of job applicants decreased post-pandemic back in 2020 and 2021. 

Encora has a clear vision of what our community can offer job seekers in this modern landscape. This article can help you decide what is important when looking for a new job and if Encora is the right fit.   

Here Are Five Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for a Job Vacancy: 

And reasons why Encora could be a fit for you! 

    1. Growth Opportunities 

Make sure the organization you apply to has a clear path for you to grow. Whether looking for a career path for the next 2, 5, or 10 years, you must have an "x" number of years in mind to gauge how much you can grow or reach new career milestones. This will also indicate how well the company keeps track of its employees' development.  

Your Growth at Encora 

Encora is launching a Job Architecture Tool (JAT) in conjunction with Mercer that will propel our organization into next-generation career mapping. It will help us comprehensively view all employee roles and access strategic people management tools for our global enterprise.   

A state-of-the-art job analysis will ensure that employees at different levels, job families, and workstreams fit our growing business and client needs and promote enhanced skills and competencies by clarifying level/job expectations. 

We have also founded EncorAcademy to maximize your potential. Continuously grow and develop your career, improve your skills, and prepare for new challenges, wherever they may be, through a variety of online courses. 

    2. Career Path 

A clear vision of what you want to achieve is vital to selecting the next organization you will join. Growth is a general term for your professional development, and your career path would be your specific target. For instance, you can go from Manual QA to Automation or transition from Design to front-end development. 

Your Path at Encora 

At Encora, we can help you identify flexible career paths across functions and the entire organization. Our commitment lies in the following:  

  • Defining critical experiences, knowledge, and the skills necessary for career progression 
  • Empowering managers to support employees through effective conversations with our clients 
  • Empowering employees to actively manage their career choices and encouraging ownership of one's career at Encora 

    3. Salary Expectations

Fair compensation for your time and expertise is essential to build a balanced and healthy relationship with your employer. You may be thinking of taking a job that pays the same or even a little less; that is fine as long as you believe it is fair. The question of "Is this worth it?" should be backed up with information about your needs, experience, skillset, and proficiency at what you do. 

Your Salary at Encora 

Encora has competitive compensation and local innovative recognition programs that value your contribution, including a global Rewards Ceremony, which recognizes results and successes in the moment, over time, and throughout your career. Recognition informs salary reviews, so it plays a vital role in how Encora will compensate you. 

To ensure an accurate and transparent benchmark exercise of open roles for our marketplace and geographies, Encora will work with Mercer's Total Remuneration Survey (TRS). This will guarantee that job titles and associated rewards are justified by job content, value, and alignment with the tech services industry. 

    4. Work-Life Balance

Work-Life balance is subjective and varies from person to person. You should ask yourself what kind of day-to-day life you envision for yourself. Here are some questions to help you figure it out: 

  • At what time of day do you prefer working? 
  • How flexible is your work schedule and load to keep a close relationship with your family and friends? 
  • Does the company you are applying to have the number of PTOs you need?  
  • Do you want to work at home, on-site, or on the go? 

Your Work-Life Balance at Encora 

Encora continues its work-from-home and work-from-anywhere policies, given that all immigration visas and paperwork are in place. This allows us to work in a safe environment, reducing work travel time and allowing extended time with loved ones.    

    5. Purpose and Identity

Growing exponentially, having a clear path, receiving fair compensation, and having a good work-life balance will likely be insufficient if your values don't align with the organization you are joining. When what your next company does and why it does it line up with who you are as a person, purpose and identity flourish. It becomes easier to take ownership of bigger and better opportunities and become an essential part of that work community. 

The Encorian Way 

Here's what our community offers newcomers: 

Great People 

Talented, collaborative team members committed to giving their best daily. 

Great Company  

A valued global brand with a rich history of leadership, innovation, and strong customer relationships. 

Great Managers & PMs 

Managers who coach you and create an environment (both for the client and the local environment) where you can be your best. 

Great Workplace 

The Encorian work environment is designed to help you connect and collaborate with others, helping everyone be successful and productive with a hybrid work model and work-life balance.   

Great Community 

A global community where you can build relationships with diverse and talented individuals. Exchange ideas and appreciation. Connect with volunteer opportunities via Goodera and local community partners.   

About Encora 

Fast-growing tech companies partner with Encora to outsource product development and drive growth. Our community strives to create an attractive hub for talented engineers that support each other and evolve together. Join our team to create a lasting impact in the tech world and grow your career at www.encorajobs.com.