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Thayná | August 03, 2022

Training departments in tech companies are evolving to offer their employees more professional development opportunities and career paths. Employees can then decide which aspects they should improve and what type of courses are best suited to their profile and personal interests. According to a publication by Great Place to Work™, the main factor for professionals to remain in the companies they work for was the opportunity for development, followed by quality of life and remuneration.

Encora Offers Constant Training

Encora encourages its employees to seek constant training. Our company's philosophy is guided by the following principle: each individual builds their trajectory and makes their own career plan, supported by the guidance of their managers. To this end, we have a comprehensive program, called Encora Academy, which encompasses training initiatives, lectures, certification programs, and internal and external courses.

Investments in training have grown over time. For 2021, we had a robust budget for training initiatives, and leadership and coaching programs. This translates to several forms of incentives, including time allocation (free time for improvement courses),

training paid directly by the company, and also reimbursement of expenses with external training, so that employees can develop in technical and behavioral aspects, regardless of their career or area.

The Talent Training Team was created to focus on the development and qualification of people and heads internal and external training initiatives.

“Our objective is to provide training and learning for employees, both behavioral and technical, to create opportunities and support all demands that involve education, training and qualification, and that promote the business.”

- Paule de Paula, Manager at Encora.



Personalized Training: from Interns to Leaders

Training and qualification activities are planned for each audience, from English classes (for different levels and during working hours) to more elaborate programs, such as DevWeek, featuring workshops, lectures and internal training happening simultaneously for an entire week.

The Talent Training Team manages internal and external courses, technical certifications, leadership training, organization of hours for specializations (masters, doctorates, etc.), in addition to coordinating new training trails, meetups, updates to the online platform and Learning Sessions (weekly sessions given by employees themselves).

Encorian interns participate in behavioral training to strengthen rapport and generate knowledge and development in professional relationships. Among the topics covered in these training courses are conflict management, interpersonal relationships and teamwork.


Learning Sessions

Learning Sessions are training courses provided internally by our community of experts. They were developed by Encora to encourage the technical and personal development of employees.

All employees can sign up to teach or attend a course on a wide range of topics, not always technical or related to work activities. This is the corporate education project,

which turned 10 years old in 2020 and broke the record for sessions presented last year.


“People can present lectures, workshops, training sessions or even more informal meetings to discuss a topic. It is not necessary to be an expert in the subject. It can be basic level content that offers information to those interested in it. We have the flexibility to schedule a one-hour edition or even training sessions that require consecutive days."

- Paule de Paula, Manager at Encora.


Due to the pandemic, in 2020 the program became 100% online with live broadcasts via videoconference, maintaining the speaker's interactivity with the participants. All content developed for Encora Academy's Learning Sessions (videos and other materials) is available internally.


Investment in Certifications

The IT Industry is an ever changing, dynamic space that demands its professionals constantly stay updated. Therefore, Encora encourages relevant technical certifications for the professional training of its employees.

Encouraging employees to improve their technique is reflected in the success of the business, in the professional and personal recognition of its employees and in the generation of knowledge.

“The objective is to encourage our employees to actively participate in training, with personal development plans – we are here to put them into practice. Our aim is to guide, exchange ideas, listen, receive topics of interest and apply innovations that improve our business."

- Paule de Paula, Manager at Encora.


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Our community acknowledges the importance of training as an essential pillar in the work life of our colleagues and as a strategic business practice. We strive to enable your career growth at our company. For a complete list of growth opportunities in software engineering, go to Encora Jobs.


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