5 Years at Encora: A Journey from Intern to Full Stack Software Developer


EncoraJobs | December 19, 2023

Celebrating Growth, Learning, and Innovation - Jose Juan's Journey   

Jose Juan Juarez Monsivais received an email congratulating him on his 5th anniversary at Encora. In a relatively short span, filled with experiences, learning, and growth, these five years swiftly passed. Let's delve into the professional journey of a student who progressed from an intern to a full-stack developer at Encora. 



Happy Fifth Encoraversary, Jose Juan!  

“Ever since university, when Encora visited for a talk, I was drawn to the idea of working in a non-traditional, flexible space. Unlike traditional companies with their uniforms and rigid hours, Encora offered the freedom to manage my own time, free from micromanagement and distant office requirements. This appealing culture is why I've stayed, and in these 5 years, that hasn’t changed.” 


Choosing a Different Path  

While many professionals aspire to work in a traditional office, Jose Juan opted for a different path in his hometown of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Drawn by the learning opportunities and career growth at Encora and the convenient location of its office, just a 15-minute commute from Jose’s home, his choice was clear-cut and easy. Beginning his career journey at a startup, Jose Juan discovered significant career growth at Encora. He evolved from an intern into a pivotal contributor at a cloud-based hotel management company specializing in Travel, Hospitality, and Logistics. 


From Intern to Key Player  

"When I finished my internship program, I joined a hotel property management company, and I have partnered with them for the last 5 years." 

The client, a leading provider of cloud-based hotel property management systems, became Jose Juan's playground. Dealing with reservations, maintenance, and every aspect a hotel needs, he found the challenges of property management intriguing. The role demanded a keen focus to digitalize every facet of a hotel, ensuring a seamless experience for guests. 


Navigating the Challenges of Property Management  

"From a technical standpoint, I have grown significantly to become proficient in different programming languages. At Encora, I had the opportunity to specialize in a single language down the Travel, Hospitality, and Logistics vertical." 

Over the years, Jose Juan's title evolved to Software Developer. His expertise expanded, with Java, Angular.JS, and AWS becoming integral to his skill set. The ever-evolving tech landscape demanded learning diverse tools and libraries, highlighting the importance of staying on pace with technological advancements. 


 Tech Evolution and Expertise  

"Our work community at Encora sometimes feels like a family or a tribe, everyone is welcomed with warmth and a smile." 

Encora's work environment, akin to a family, provided a supportive community for learning. Jose Juan values the mentors who've fueled his rapid growth. Encora's encouragement for presenting new tech solutions has allowed him to contribute to the team's innovation continuously. 


Building a Supportive Work Community  

"It's a rare feeling dedicating myself fully to a project I feel passionate about and understand fully." 

 For Jose Juan, time flew due to the excitement of working on a project he's truly passionate about. While stability promotes playfulness and innovation, the ever-changing technological landscape challenged him to keep learning and adapting. 

At Encora, we prioritize assigning the right projects to each engineer to ignite the passion that defines our Encorians. This approach enables them to continue making a significant impact on the digital transformation of major companies. It's about ensuring our engineers are engaged in projects that resonate with their expertise and enthusiasm, ultimately driving successful outcomes in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 


Embark on Your Own Five-Year Growth Voyage at Encora 

If you're looking to embark on a journey of growth and innovation, join Encora. Challenge yourself to be part of a workplace that fosters not just professional development but personal and financial growth. Jose Juan’s five-year evolution from a dream-filled student to a seasoned full-stack developer is a testament to the opportunities that await at Encora. 


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