8 basic tips for the nomad working-life


EncoraJobs | October 21, 2022

Now that remote work is an option for most companies, let’s talk about the dream of our generation. Work & Travel are a reality, and for many, it is their normal way of living. Here are some of our best tips for the Digital nomad lifestyle. 


Start locally, a country to discover

Traveling the world sounds great, but we recommend you start doing it in controlled environments, close to your home and office. It's important to find your own rhythm, considering your team, your equipment, and your movement, getting used to small setbacks, and how to deal with them.

Maybe visiting your company offices in another state could be a great place to start.

There are some basics and capabilities to understand before starting this nomad life, and some are about your company policies, trip planning, and methodologies. Let's get into it.

  • Internet

An essential element for any kind of remote working.

Ask these questions: is there a reliable Internet connection? Is it safe? How many people can access it? How can I assure my data or my client’s data is protected?

Consult your IT team so they can explain the company policies and provide you with a VPN if needed.


  • Equipment

This will be your traveling partner from now on, so you should find a perfect backpack or protector to keep it safe, and always keep it at hand or closer, even if you are stopping for a drink or going to the bathroom, carry it on. Especially if it is your first time at that place.

  • Equipment Insurance

Talk to your IT team and check the policies, what scenarios it covers, and how it works.

If you are traveling with your own laptop, find the insurance that works best for you.

Does it cover theft? Spills? Failure? And check the deductible rates and cost per year.


  • Health insurance

Time to read the small prints and get to know your insurance, the coverage, and how to apply it.

Also, if you are traveling in a group, share this information and keep it in hand.

  • Teamwork

Let your team know your plans, where you are, and during which hours will you available, always. Traveling is only possible if you are an amazing team player. Communication is a soft skill that will support your adventure. Do your hours, and mainly, keep full contact with your colleagues and clients.


  • Planning

This time you are traveling not only for recreation, keep your job requirements in mind when planning, even the commodities that allow you to enjoy your time on the computer.

Is this route safe for traveling by bus? Is this the safest way to get there? Does the place you are staying in have a private entrance or a safe? Is there a nearby place with an Internet connection in case something fails? Do you have a desk and a functional chair? Do you have extra time to prevent emergencies?

  • Time Zone

Some countries are big enough to have different time zones, if you are traveling across time zones, don’t forget to tell your team and make the arrangement so this doesn’t become a blocker for you and your teammates or client.

  • Bring your swag

If you have your company shirt or a cap you like, share that coffee cup or that amazing landscape, don’t be shy to show the world your company, the people you are working with, or the adventure you are living, it can inspire others to become digital nomads.


On the go

Routines sustain this way of life, working hours, planning, and prevention.

Find your hours to organize your next moves, maybe those pyramids or a national park is closer than you imagined and the weather is unbelievably suitable if you take a PTO next Friday.

Remember, if it’s good for you, it’s good for your company. Or at least that’s how we live in Encora, and this practice has been reinforcing teams, empowering people, and creating amazing situations to experience our values.


The nomad lifestyle entails great responsibility

If you like to travel, please respect the places you are visiting, their history, the people, and even their prices. We are guests in other people's lives, and we shouldn’t forget that.

Treat people nicely, be kind, be human, and be respectful of local guidelines and culture.