Embracing Diversity: Encora's Grassroots Pride Movement


EncoraJobs | June 26, 2024

One of Encora's core values is diversity—the power of harnessing diverse views and opinions to offer our clients innovative software solutions. Applied to our work culture, our diversity values dictate that we embrace every Encorian's background and identity, allowing them to be their best and true selves when working with their teams.  

As we enter Pride Month, we delve into Encora's journey towards creating a safe place for all and the significance of self-representation.  

Creating a Safe Space from the Ground Up 

At the heart of Encora's approach lies a firm commitment to human rights and equal opportunities. Encora's values are globally aligned, and each division has its own journey toward establishing safe spaces.  

For example, Encora Mexico embarked on a transformative path to ensure that every Encorian felt heard, respected, and supported. The journey began with a series of workshops that invited the entire Mexico region to engage in discussions on respect, inclusion, and the concept of a safe space. Through these forums, employees began to connect and find common ground in their experiences.  

Over the course of a year, Encora Mexico continued to build upon this foundation, organizing talks, trainings, and discussions on various LGBTQ+ topics. From trans visibility to inclusive language and rights, these initiatives aimed to familiarize individuals with different aspects of the community and create an environment where everyone's voice could be heard. 

Acknowledging the significance of representation, Encora Mexico formed an LGBTQ+ leadership team, cultivating a sense of community and incorporating a wide range of perspectives.


With an emphasis on inclusive decision making, our goal is to  ensure that our LGBTQ+ employees feel comfortable speaking up, expressing themselves, and contributing their ideas. We want to create a work environment where everyone feels valued and confident

Encora Continues to Drive Change Towards Diversity 

Encora's commitment to diversity extends beyond internal initiatives. We have implemented diversity clauses in recruitment, actively seeking to attract and support diverse talent.  Our thoughtful approach when expanding into the Latin American market includes acknowledging and adapting to the different laws and realities of each country. By operating in a way that respects and addresses local needs, we ensure an inclusive and supportive environment for our employees.   


"The significance of Pride Month resonates strongly with Encora and its employees. While it is a time for celebration, visibility, and joy, we acknowledge the need to remain cognizant of the diverse experiences within the LGBTQ+ community. Pride serves as a powerful moment of solidarity and companionship, reminding individuals that they are not alone in their journey."  

- Mónica Lopez, People & Culture at Encora  


In Brazil, Central and South America, and Mexico, leaders representing LGBTQ+ individuals and the People & Culture team came together to orchestrate a series of events showcasing inclusivity and acceptance.   

Mexico proudly marched in the Pride parade; in Brazil, diversity was emphasized for the third consecutive year. Thought-provoking workshops and talks focused on healthcare, LGBTQ+ community rights, and inclusive communication have deepened our understanding of symbols and colors that serve as symbols of pride in the community. 

In Central and South America, a Diversity Committee spearheads discussions and conversations on diversity and inclusion. Through various communications and educational efforts, we raise awareness and work towards fostering an inclusive environment. Employees also participated in workshops and talks that were designed to promote inclusivity and support for all Encorians.  Additionally, we partnered with Goodera for upcoming celebrations.  

All these events are part of our global Pride celebrations that begin in Central and South America and gradually weaves its way through Europe and the Philippines. The collaborations we foster are not merely partnerships; they foster a sense of community and belonging and reinforce the message that every Encorian is cherished and celebrated. 


Setting a Precedent for the Future  

Encora recognizes that the tech industry plays a vital role in setting the tone for work cultures worldwide. By prioritizing employee well-being, Encora stands alongside other tech industry giants. We believe this commitment not only enhances our marketing efforts and access to job markets but also inspires others to create similar environments where individuals feel valued and supported.  

By celebrating diversity, embracing individual voices, and creating safe spaces, we pave the way for a more inclusive present and future. This is why we need your voice to help us grow and keep innovation as part of our company DNA.


 Looking for a Space to Grow? 

At Encora, we're not just building innovative software solutions; instead, we're creating a community where every voice matters. We're building a workplace where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work. Join our team as we continue to innovate with pride and push the boundaries of what's possible in tech. 


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