Tips for a Calm and Productive Home Office


Encora | November 03, 2022

Working from home is very common these days, with many companies having implemented this working model as a daily practice. At Encora, many of our collaborators usually work from home, and also have the opportunity to work at the office when necessary. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the adoption of this practice increased even more, and–thinking about the health and well-being of employees and society–almost all employees began working remotely. 

Since not everyone is used to this type of work, we have selected some tips to assist in this process, which requires adaptation and discipline so as not to lose the level of productivity. 


  1. Location

Just as important as the work that needs to be performed, is where it will be done. In the office, there are usually ergonomic chairs, adjustable tables, and facilities that, at home, may need to be improvised. An important first step is to understand that the surroundings directly affect performance and, for this reason, it is important to prepare an adequate place to perform your tasks; a place that is comfortable and quiet. Working from inadequate places, such as staying in bed, can cause spinal problems and affect productivity. 


  1. Clothes

While it can be extremely tempting to work in pajamas and slippers, the first step to having a successful day in the home office is to change clothes. This helps the brain understand that it is no longer a moment of leisure or relaxation and that it needs to concentrate. 


  1. Internet

During the period you are working from home, the Internet will be your greatest companion and the one that will allow your deliveries to be made on time. In order to do this, check if your connection is capable of handling your workflow. 


  1. Time

One of the great advantages of the home office is being able to make your own schedule and save the time that would normally be used to travel to the office. But of course, even with the possibility of controlling your own schedule, it is important to comply with the stipulated daily journey, as if you were at the office, and to plan ahead so you don't lose control between your personal and professional life. 


  1. Interferences

Your home is a place full of interference and this will be your main challenge. Television, cell phones, and video games are alluring distractions that can take away your concentration and directly affect your performance. It is important to warn family members and count on their collaboration so that they understand that despite being at home, you have responsibilities and deliveries to be fulfilled.  


  1. Goals

A good way to keep deliveries on time and know if you're being productive is to set daily task goals. By doing this, it is possible to measure your productivity at the end of the day by analyzing what has or has not been achieved. 


  1. Keep Moving

In the office, you will hardly spend the whole day sitting, whether it's going out for lunch, on coffee breaks, or chatting with colleagues from other areas. At home, this should be no different. Take short breaks every time you work and enjoy the freedom to exercise and stretch. This will help with your posture and prevent long periods of not moving. 


  1. Be careful

Even working from home, secrecy and confidential information must be maintained and treated with due care, especially if you are using equipment and machines for personal use. 


  1. Keep in touch

Always stay connected with your team! Maintaining contact with co-workers is essential for everyone to remain aligned and deliver good results. Whenever possible, call, make a videoconference, and make the contact as close and humanized as possible. In times of social distancing, these small details make a difference in everyday life. 


After these tips, you should already imagine what your work-from-home experience will be like. There is no doubt about the advantages of having flexible hours, greater freedom of action, routine adaptability, and being able to escape the commute to the office but be sure to face the home office with discipline and seriousness. Self-management with responsibility is extremely important to ensure that your level of productivity is maintained or even improved. 


Home Office Is Now a Reality 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies adopted a hybrid home and office schedule. Some of them never returned to the office at all. If you're looking for a fast-paced and challenging environment that takes into account your work-life balance, check our job descriptions below. 



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