Understanding the Purpose of a Tech Resume


EncoraJobs | July 26, 2023

A resume highlights your work experience, skills, and education to grab recruiters' and hiring managers' attention. It is also a key element of your career path and ambitions.  

Your resume should be well-written and present an effective way to assess your career trajectory and expertise to make suitable improvements or additions to market demands. Keep in mind that your resume's objective is to make an impact and get a first interview. Writing a resume showcases all your work experience, competencies, and accomplishments in a standardized format that is easy for recruiters to read and gives you an advantage over other candidates.  

For example, when applying for a job in the tech industry, your resume must reflect your skills and experience that outline your ability and expertise to succeed in a technical role. Customize your tech resume based on the specific job requirements to make sure you stand out from the crowd. 

By presenting a clear, concise, and tailored resume, you can make a memorable first impression and convince employers that you're the one they're looking for.  


Step-by-Step Process to Write a Tech Resume 

A strong resume allows you to communicate your tech skills, expertise, qualities, and qualifications when applying for jobs as long as your writing is fluid, your information is organized, and there is synergy throughout the document. Here are the key components of a resume and how to structure it correctly: 


Step 1: Choose the right template and format that best fits your need 

  • Select a design format that makes your resume visually appealing and easy to read (e.g., chronological format, functional format, and combination format) 
  • Limit your resume to one or two pages, focusing on the important skills and qualifications that fit for job description  
  • Use bullet points and concise sentences to convey your responsibilities and achievements in a reader-friendly way 
  • Set the right margin size, pick a professional font, and add spacing between sections for readability  
  • Keep your formatting and fonts intact. Save the resume in a PDF  


Step: 2 Add contact details, a code repository, and professional social media links 

  • Place your name, phone number, email address, and location prominently at the top of your resume 
  • Include a link to your LinkedIn profile for broader reference and make sure it is complete, and up to date 
  • Share your GitHub, Bitbucket, or personal blog to showcase technical skills  


Step 3: Write a standout resume headline 

  • Keep a short headline to grab recruiters' attention, preferably under 50-70 words  
  • Customize and highlight your most relevant skills and experience to the job offer you are applying for 
  • Place the headline at the top of your resume for easy visibility 
  • Include keywords that are ATS-friendly to attract recruiters and hiring managers 


Step 4: Showcase your relevant skills to the job position  

  • Create a separate skills section that highlights 5-6 keywords from the job description 
  •  Include soft skills (e.g., communication, leadership, and work ethic) that reflect your work experience and are relevant to the job you're targeting  
  • Emphasize your technical skills (e.g., proficiency in specific software, technical expertise) and present your information as a list, including hands-on experience  
  • You may also use infographics to highlight strengths and abilities and explain your level of expertise/competency for easy hiring manager visibility  


For example:  

  • Program languages: Ruby (5 years), JS (4 years)  
  • Frameworks/libraries: RoR (4 years), React JS (3 years), Angular (2 years) 
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure 
  • Databases: SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB 
  • Design patterns: Singleton, Decorator, Factory, Composite  
  • Platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux 
  • Tools and others: Scrum, XP, Redis, Scripting, RSpec   


Step 5: Add in your work experience milestones 

  • Mention how long you worked at each company, the projects you've worked on, and what leadership positions you held  
  • Keep the most recent, relevant experience first and work your way back in chronological order   
  • Highlight your skills and accomplishments and the impact you made, depending on what’s relevant to the job 
  • Use quantifiable metrics, such as percentages or numbers, to demonstrate the results you achieved 
  • Use strong action verbs to make your accomplishments more dynamic and engaging  
  • Avoid any confusing technical language. Use words like “controlled,” “executed,” and “orchestrated” over generic ones like “handled” and “led” 


For example:  

  • Company: ABC  
  • Project: XYZ  

The project was about… (brief explanation)  

  • Main tasks:   
  • Creation of neural networks in Python for vehicle classification and detection in video streams from cameras  
  • Preventive penetration tests on proprietary and client servers, web pages, and APIs 
  • Use of Python and Shell Script to optimize access to client servers, as well as their corrective maintenance  


After implementing the system using neural networks, the company saved money at vehicle image collection points and increased remote access performance. 

Technologies: JSP, Python3, Django, Docker, OpenCV, Keras, Tensorflow, TCP/IP, Postgres  


Step 6: Display your certifications and school background  


  • List work experience on your resume, followed by education history, academic and degree certifications, and awards, or honors  
  • Include courses and certifications that are related to the vacancy you are applying to and how it’s relevant to the job 
  • Add any additional relevant classes or professional development courses that prove you’re prepared for the job 
  • If you’re just starting in your career, don’t worry – you can list your education at the top, followed by your college projects and projects done individually  


Step 7: Include your language proficiency 

Mention the languages and your level of knowledge (reading, writing listening, and speaking) so that the recruiter understands if your profile is completely ready, or if you will need some improvement classes. 


Step 8: Proofread and edit 

  • Review and proofread your resume for typos, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies before you submit it   
  • Present a polished and error-free resume to emphasize professionalism and attention to detail 


Customize Your Resume with Applicant Tracking System Software (ATS) 

Customize and figure out the keywords and skills needed on your resume to be relevant to the job you are applying for. Most companies use ATS to evaluate hundreds of resumes for every job opening and filter out those that don't fit certain criteria. The ATS systems evaluate each application objectively by measuring candidate qualifications against predetermined criteria. This ensures that all applicants are given equal consideration and that the hiring team can focus on the most qualified candidates. This automation process helps to reduce the workload of the hiring team, as it eliminates the need to manually review each resume and reduces the time spent on the recruitment process. Additionally, ATS provides an objective metric for candidate evaluation, as it flags resumes that contain certain keywords or phrases (usually job titles, responsibilities, and qualifications), which may not be considered by a human recruiter. If your resume doesn't contain them, it will sit in the database unconsidered. 

Your resume is the first tool to introduce yourself to recruiters and contributes to whether you will continue in the process. Present the main projects, their roles, technologies, and tools involved. Customize and update your resume with the latest position and accomplishments, so that it’s the best fit for what each hiring manager needs. 

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